Student Life

There are many ways for students to improve their skills while having fun!

Many websites offer online games and resources that focus on certain grade levels, as well as certain subjects. By encouraging students to take advantage of some of these great sites, they can gain academic help while having fun. What they might think of as a challenging online game is really a form of academic tutoring.

These websites offer a great educational alternatives to other entertainment choices for children.

Math and Language Arts Grade K - 8

(Pre-kindergarden through 1st Grade)

Over 7,000 recommended titles with multiple choice quizzes

Provides resources and materials for teachers, parents and students in the area of language arts (K - 1)

Interactive arithmetic lessons & unlimited practice labs (K-8) 

Great interactive activities for K-1

This site was developed exclusively for students in order to help them improve their math skills interactively

Other Helpful Sites

Vocabulary Resource

On-line Writing Lab

Expressive Writing for Children with Learning Disabilities